Anansi applicant and her grandmother in their home.

Student Selection

At last count we had eighty-four applications for the eighteen scholarships Anansi has to offer at the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. Our selection criteria is based on three things: 1) Academic Performance: Applicants must qualify for admittance to a government high school. In Ghana, this qualification is based on an exam taken during […]

Anansi Auction Press Release, 2015

West African Art Auction to Benefit Ghanaian High School Students FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2015 Contacts: Kathryn Roe Director, Anansi Education or 360-­305­-8342 Alisa Formway Roe Assistant Director (US), Anansi Education or 503­-286-­7562 Seattle, Washington — Anansi Education has announced its 11th annual dinner and auction of West African art for the […]

Maxwell Daniel

Daniel’s Reminder

It’s no surprise that keeping an organization like Anansi going takes a lot of work — there is a lot of day to day management that takes place, and the annual auction and fundraising is a huge undertaking. Contacting catering companies, organizing the space, photographing auction items and so many more steps can be overwhelming, […]