About Anansi Education

Anansi is a secular nonprofit organization registered in Ghana. We are operated by a small team of American volunteers and one Ghanaian employee, and supported by individuals and groups from across the globe. Our Director, Kathryn Roe, spends half of each year in Ghana and many of our supporters have traveled to Ghana over the years.


To fund the high school education of academically qualified students in Ghana who are otherwise unable to continue their education due to financial need.

What We Do

Fundraising: To cover the annual expenses of a high school education, Anansi raises funds in four ways:

  1. Enlist sponsors to cover the annual fees for a specific student’s entire three years of high school.
  2. Host an annual auction in the United States, with African artifacts, artwork, and crafts that have been selected in West Africa by Kathryn Roe.
  3. Facilitate guide services for tourists traveling in Ghana, 40% of the associated revenue goes Anansi and 60% to the local guide.

Student Selection: Each fall, Kathryn Roe and her Ghanaian staff member receive applications from Ghanaian teens who have completed the 9th grade and passed the government entrance exam for high school. Interviews using the Microfinance Risk Management SPS (Simple Poverty Scorecard for Ghana) in addition to home visits are used to verify need.

Anansi funds as many qualified students as possible each year. However, the number of qualified applicants consistently outnumbers the number of scholarships Anansi can provide.

Enrollment and Expenses: After facilitating enrollment, Anansi makes all tuition and expense payments directly. Funds are never handled by a third party.

Each student is provided with the required uniforms, bedding, and supplies. Transportation to school is provided to Anansi students as needed. Since 2011, Anansi provides health insurance for students. Basic health insurance is affordable for Anansi to provide and becoming a requirement in many schools.

Sponsor/Student Connection: Every attempt is made to provide each student with an individual to whom they can write and from whom they can receive letters and emotional support. If a student is supported by combined donations or funds from the Anansi Auction, rather than a direct sponsor, Anansi assigns a volunteer correspondent to that student.