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Sponsoring a student’s high school education changes a young person’s entire life. Anansi was built on the model of sponsor-student relationships, and it remains the most direct and powerful way to support Anansi’s mission.

Full Sponsorship: $600 USD for all three years. With this donation (paid in one sum, or split up annually over 3 years), you will fully support their entire high school education.
1-Year Sponsorship: $200 USD for first year costs. With this donation, you will be sponsoring a student for their first year of high school and Anansi commits to finding additional funding so they can complete all three years.

The cost of sponsoring a high school student in Ghana is now a one time $600 USD payment that covers all three years in a Ghanaian government boarding school. This money covers:

  • The Starter Kit (mattress, sheets, pillow, chop box, suitcase, uniforms, shoes, machete, broom, calculator, books etc.)
  • Everyday school supplies.
  • Basic health insurance.
  • Provisions for all nine terms.
  • A portion of the administrative costs that fund our tutoring sessions. We offer tutoring sessions several times a year (during school breaks) where students can stay at the Anansi house and receive daily lessons in school subject matter, as well as public speaking and ethics.

Sponsors receive yearly letters from their students and are encouraged to write back. Many sponsors have traveled to Ghana and met the students they support.


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