Welcome to Anansi!

Anansi is a nonprofit that funds the high school education of students in Ghana, West Africa. Our simple goal is to better the futures of these students and, through their realized potential, the future of their communities and country. Ghana is a developing country, with growing momentum, where access to continued education for underprivileged youth can dramatically change their lives.


Since 2005, Anansi has served nearly 800 students, introduced the artistic traditions of West Africa to supporters internationally, and facilitated volunteer opportunities in Ghana for individuals from across the globe.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation today via paypal on our website or by mailing a check written to Anansi Education to Alisa Roe at 8810 NW Lakecrest Ave. Vancouver WA 98665.
In spite of the pandemic and changes in Ghana’s educational programs, Anansi has continued to work hard and to make a difference to our students. If you would like to read a summary of our growth and more detail of our ambitions for the future please read our update here.

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