Ways to Support

There are many ways to support Anansi’s mission and get involved. We are an organization that was built on a network of supporting and involved family and friends. Over the last decade, the “Anansi family” has broadening to include dedicated individuals and groups from across the globe.

Become a Sponsor!

Choosing to sponsor a student’s high school education is the most direct and powerful way to support Anansi Education’s mission.

Attend Our Annual Auction

The Anansi Auction is an annual fundraiser in Bellingham, Washington. This event is the primary way that Anansi engages sponsors and raises funds. The evening includes a silent auction and wine reception, delicious dinner, and live auction. Both auctions feature the varied and beautiful artistic traditions of West Africa, providing a tangible connection to the communities Anansi serves.

Donate to Anansi

Individual donations cover Anansi’s minimal operating expenses and are combined to fund the high school education of new students. Anansi students who are funded by combined donations or proceeds from the annual auction are paired with pen pals, so that they receive the same invested encouragement and moral support as students with sponsors.



Visit Ghana

Ghana is a country famous for its smiles and warm personalities. Attractions include history, wildlife, and cultural activities. With roots in West African travel, Anansi has been the host to many visits. While in Ghana, several sponsors have taken the opportunity to meet the students they sponsor during visits either at the boarding schools they attend or in the villages where they grew up.


The Anansi team provides free placement for adult volunteers in the Central Region of Ghana. With board members and long established network in Ghana, we are able to arrange for volunteer opportunities in education, the medical field, the tourist industry, agriculture, and business administration. Placement through Anansi has made it possible for volunteers to work in communities where volunteer-based programs do not otherwise exist.

In the United States, volunteers contribute Anansi’s annual benefit auction and assist operations.


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