Director’s Report for the 4th & 5th Sessions of Host and Teach

We are grateful to the Almighty God for his protection and a successful end of the fourth and fifth sessions of the Anansi Host and Teach. I am personally grateful to Kathryn Roe for her outstanding and awesome supports and sacrifices towards Anansi. I know sometimes it’s hard for her to accept some of the initiatives, but she eventually gives out her interest for the good of the students and Anansi. She has offered her place for us to be used to host our students.  Without her place, it would have costed us huge to give tutoring assistance to our students.

To begin with, the 4th and 5th sessions started off from the 15th November to 13th December, 2019 in Mpeasem. These classes are organized by Anansi for its students and other dire need students we couldn’t support because of limited sponsorship. High schools in Ghana now spend almost 6 months in a year on break. It’s for this underpinning gap, we decided to offer extra tutoring to our students and all those students whose parents cannot afford the huge sums of money extra classes take. This has made most high school students wishing to be our students.

Our classes are different. Although we do much of academics, but we also touch of potent areas worth discussing with younger brains. From observation, most Ghanaian students aren’t naturally analytic in thinking, so we introduced our students to Text and Meaning. Here, we analyzed many pieces – writing text, songs, and movies. There is hope. What won my heart most was how the students handled Bob Marley’s song – Redemption. They were critical and analytical. I was impressed. More so, our culture as Ghanaians hadn’t favoured many to voicing out. For this reason, we introduced sessions on Ethics and Giving Voice to Value. The ethics focused on students doing or deciding on what is right regardless of their interest even when no one is watching. With the Giving Voice to Value, I first solicited from the students values they won’t like others to trespass. From there, we encouraged them to voice out whenever their values are trampled upon. It was very captivating class.

Not only the above, there were sessions also on sewing and working with threads. These were facilitated by some anansi graduates: Perpetual Ankomah and Hajira Musah respectively. We also had Lalinatu Ibrahim and her friend Elsie, who came around some weekends to complement our efforts. My assistant, Victoria Morgue Eduaful is very awesome and supportive soul. A treasure I value. Without her, I couldn’t have hosted the students. She helped with the delicious meals and other times taught the students.

I also thank Anansi for giving me the opportunity to serve it and impact younger ones towards creating a better world.

Thank you.

 Daniel Osei

(Managing Director, Anansi Ghana)

Here are a few photos from our Host and Teach sessions this year.

IMG_7019 IMG_7062 IMG_7097 IMG_7159