2019-2022 Anansi Students

      The school year is well underway in Ghana, and we have a new class of students who have entered high school thanks to support scholarships through Anansi. Check the “Meet Our Students” section to see the new class of Anansi scholarship recipients, who are slated to graduate in 2022. Here we have […]

Daniel’s Report

Trust you are doing well. First of all, I would like to Thank You on behalf of TeamAnansi Ghana for giving out your residence to be used to host some of the Anansi students. The benefits and impacts we are making in the lives of these vulnerable and dire need students are awesome. We hosted […]

Anansi Abura House Volunteer Resident

Anansi Education is pleased to offer the Anansi Abura House Volunteer Resident Position. Anansi Education is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 to provide scholarships to underprivileged Ghanaian youth to attend high school. While most Anansi students live in school residence halls, we also operate one private apartment that houses eight girls attending University Practice […]

Anansi applicant and her grandmother in their home.

Student Selection

At last count we had eighty-four applications for the eighteen scholarships Anansi has to offer at the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. Our selection criteria is based on three things: 1) Academic Performance: Applicants must qualify for admittance to a government high school. In Ghana, this qualification is based on an exam taken during […]

Anansi Auction Press Release, 2015

West African Art Auction to Benefit Ghanaian High School Students FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2015 Contacts: Kathryn Roe Director, Anansi Education roekathryn@gmail.com or 360-­305­-8342 Alisa Formway Roe Assistant Director (US), Anansi Education roescity@gmail.com or 503­-286-­7562 Seattle, Washington — Anansi Education has announced its 11th annual dinner and auction of West African art for the […]

Maxwell Daniel

Daniel’s Reminder

It’s no surprise that keeping an organization like Anansi going takes a lot of work — there is a lot of day to day management that takes place, and the annual auction and fundraising is a huge undertaking. Contacting catering companies, organizing the space, photographing auction items and so many more steps can be overwhelming, […]