"Dabi, dabi, dabi!"

Host & Teach; An Inside Look

Christine Myers, a longtime friend of Anansi, recently visited Ghana and helped tutor in the Host & Teach workshops held for Anansi students. She wrote and shared the following essay about her experience. Thank you, Christine, for your energy, time, enthusiasm and generosity for Anansi Education and all our students.   Ghanaian women in head […]

Raspberry Pis

In the summer of 1970 when my son Stephen was in high school, he came home one night at 11 o’clock as excited as I’d only seen him once before when he first saw crashing  ocean waves on a beach in Oregon. He had just learned how to program that huge computer taking up the space […]

Managing Director Daniel’s Assessment of Anansi Performance

Anansi Education Managing Director Daniel Osei has been doing some thorough analysis of Anansi’s scholarship and tutoring methods. He developed this presentation to showcase his analysis – please review, and if you have any follow-up questions, we would truly love to hear them!   Download his analysis and presentation for yourself: ASSESSING THE ANANSI INTERVENTION

German Article featuring Anansi!

“Wie war’s in Ghana?” (written for German readers with little familiarity with Ghana)    After my four-week stay in Ghana in December 2021, this short, friendly question was one I frequently heard. Answering briefly is, however, not easy. This would perhaps be my short answer: I encountered people who were for the most part dignified […]

New Video: Daniel talks about Anansi Student Success

  In this video, Anansi Education Managing Director Daniel Osei speaks about how Anansi students are able to achieve success and what donations to Anansi make possible. ————- Please join us on May 1st at 1:30 PM for our 17th Annual Fundraiser, held virtually. To register, please provide your name, contact information, and any specific […]

17th Annual Anansi fundraiser, online May 1, 2022. Join us!

Anansi Family! We will be hosting our 17th annual Anansi fundraiser, starting at 1:30 pm. PST on Sunday, May 1, 2022. To register, please provide your name, contact information, and any specific questions you might have at: https://forms.gle/LADGM6mz3edDr8Hf8 The first 25 households, within the United States, who pre-register by April 15th and make a $25.00 donation using PayPal will […]

2020-2023 Anansi Students

Anansi had hundred and thirty-seven (137) students who applied in 2020 for its support. Out of the number, only eighty (80), representing 58.4%, submitted their complete documents [Application forms, test scores and school placement forms]. Of the eighty, twenty-three (23) were disqualified with their test scores. For the remaining fifty-seven (57), a consideration was given […]