October 2020 – Anansi Education Update

Dear lovers of Anansi,

It’s a known fact to you and many across the globe that Coronavirus has affected many economies and organizations. United States and Ghana weren’t spared. In Ghana, we had our share of the struggles and restrain during the crisis. Any occurrence in these two countries, US and Ghana, directly and/or indirectly impact Anansi’s operations, so did COVID-19.
In the climax of the pandemic, the government of Ghana halted most social and commercial activities to restrict movements of people and goods since the experts said the disease spreads when positive carriers move freely around. This was welcomed by all, nose masking and regular hand wash turned to be the order of the day and even now. Schools were closed. Anansi couldn’t provide physical free tuitions this time run, because we had no system in place to check suspected carriers of the virus. For this reason, we adopted to the online support and learning platforms since that became the new normal. That was done for sometime before the government started relaxing the COVID-19 restrictive measures.
The easing of the restrictions paved way for the final year students to return to school to complete their courseworks and exams. So far, so good, all final year students from junior high schools, senior high schools, colleges of education, and the universities have completed their exams and returned home. Some of the schools recorded cases but very minimal and controlled. The completion, I think was successful because most of us had the fear of the disease spreading should the students return to school and back. That didn’t happen.
As at 22nd September, Ghana’s active cases stood at 529 with 5 out of the 16 administrative regions cleared free of COVID-19. The battle against Covid isn’t over yet for its linked to global emancipation. Ghana is however thriving and things are returning to normalcy but the measures of regular hand washing and nose masking is still mandatory.
Anansi opened its application for the 2020/2021 academic year before covid hit the country, the process got halted when most activities came to a stand still. We reopened application in July when government announced the return to school. So far, we have received over 130 applications. The home visits of all applicants have been successfully conducted. Anansi uses the home visit to verify and validate the need base of the applicants. The applicant will then fill out an application form with an essay on why he/she needs our support, his/her aspirations, living conditions and parent status. This essay will help us 1) confirm the information gathered during the home visits 2) understand the students from their point of view and 3) know how Anansi’s absence will negatively affect the student. We expect the submission of the filled out application forms from 25th September to 10th October, 2020. In all these, Anansi wants to offer its supports to brilliant and dire need students who without Anansi cannot make it to high school.
Out of the applications received, Anansi can support less than 30% of the applicants for their three years in high school. Our scholarship is the envy of many students in the Central and Western regions of Ghana. Our package consists of:
1) provision of initial school going items such as chopbox, trunk/suitcase, mattress, blanket, cutlass, pillow, bedsheets, and bucket. These items are required of each freshman in high school although there is a free tuition cost.
2. Provision of stationeries such as program’s textbooks (4) for each students, notebooks (15) copies, mathematical set, calculators, backpacks, dictionary and pens. These aren’t provided as part of government intervention. We provide, Anansi provides.
3. Anansi offers provisions to its students every semester. The provisions include: Milo, milk powder, sugar, biscuits, gari, shito, tin fishes, tooth paste and brush, soaps, detergents and toilet papers.
4. Anansi offers free host and teach classes for its students during vacations. Anansi organizes 2 weeks free tuition for its students at the Anansi house (Kathryn’s palace in Ghana). We foot all the expenses from feeding, utilities and tuition of the students for the two weeks. The students are hosted in batches.
5. Anansi provides a fun and learning experience for its students through an annual educational tour for at least three days away from students’ comfort zones. Mr. Bob McDonnell and Madam Linda Skibo joined Anansi last year for our 5 day educational tour in the Northern Ghana. The experiences were enormous.
Friends of Anansi, we are just the vessels of your good gestures and benevolence. We are ever grateful for your continuous support and donations. Our friends from the Netherlands, Wim and his wife Karin, have also been helpful.
Dear friends, as part of government of Ghana’s gradual easing of the restrictions, our airlines are now opened, for your perusal. Those who wish to visit Ghana can, but must be mindful of your safety.
Our second year students will be going to school on the 5th of October to complete their second year courseworks. For this reason, Anansi will be supporting them with provisions on 3rd October. Also, our new graduates’ party will come off on the same Saturday 3rd October. You shall be briefed with photos from the party. All are cordially invited though.
Lovers of Anansi, parents and guardians of recent graduates of Anansi send their warmest regards and appreciations. They have blessed you and wished you well.
From a parent:
On behalf of parents and children who are the beneficiaries of Anansi Educational Scheme I wish to express my gratitude for your support throughout these years,May the Almigthy God bless YOU ALL, from Gospel’s father, Robert Kweku Dadzie
Before I end, thank you to Larry and Alisa for your support, Maureen for the updates, Anthony and wife of Portland for your love. You are many, see yourself as very important somebody recognized by Anansi.
With love, stay safe.