Anansi applicant and her grandmother in their home.

Student Selection

At last count we had eighty-four applications for the eighteen scholarships Anansi has to offer at the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. Our selection criteria is based on three things: 1) Academic Performance: Applicants must qualify for admittance to a government high school. In Ghana, this qualification is based on an exam taken during […]

Maxwell Daniel

Daniel’s Reminder

It’s no surprise that keeping an organization like Anansi going takes a lot of work — there is a lot of day to day management that takes place, and the annual auction and fundraising is a huge undertaking. Contacting catering companies, organizing the space, photographing auction items and so many more steps can be overwhelming, […]

Abura House

Anansi Abura House

This year Anansi faced a unique challenge – 8 of the girls who were awarded scholarships and were accepted to University Practice High School, were informed that there wasn’t enough space in the school hostel for them to stay. Most Anansi students live on the campus of their high schools, in student hostels, as they […]