A description of Anansi Home Visits

A crucial part of our Anansi selection process includes the “Home Visits.”  We go to the remote villages where our students live and talk with the parents, the students, their teachers and visit their homes.  I don’t know exactly how to share this experience with you as my words cannot paint an accurate picture, but I’ll try: […]

An Update on Coronavirus & Anansi

Dear friends of Anansi, I would like to use this opportunity to brief you on the state of the novel coronavirus in Ghana and how Anansi is managing. It was on the 12th of March, 2020 that Ghana first recorded two cases of the virus. This lead to the president’s public address on the 15th […]

Anansi Education in the time of Coronavirus

Covid-19 is affecting life all over the globe, including throughout Ghana where our students live. Managing Director Daniel Osei and site directors have had to think on their feet to find a way to help facilitate learning for students who are isolated at home, so they don’t fall behind in their studies. Here is Daniel’s […]

2019 Anansi Graduation Party

We held our graduation party for the 2019 graduates Friday, June 7th, 2019. Ten of them attended the party. We used the opportunity to advise the new graduates and shared some after school stories. We discussed parents, family and friends expectations now that they are done with high school. We also encouraged them to always be in touch […]

Report on the Anansi Vacation Classes

  We had our third event hosting Anansi students for vacation classes from the 24th of May to 3rd of June, 2019. We had twelve students in attendance, with six male and six female students. The aim of the vacation classes is to instill in our students some values and certain character traits that are […]

2019 Live Auction Items Preview!

Here is a preview of the live auction items for sale at this year’s Anansi Education annual auction.  Remember, many more special items will be priced for sale at the event. We look forward to seeing you there! LIVE AUCTION ITEMS: Contemporary Bee Mask 25 inches high This is a contemporary replication, by a Ghanaian […]

Yacouba Dancing Figures for Sale!

Kathryn has collected these charming Yacouba dancers, and they have been very popular at our annual auction and among Anansi supporters. They depict the dancing masks of the Yacouba people of Cote d’ Ivoire, and Kathryn, along with volunteers from the YES organization in Ghana, have given them all Ghanaian names. So each doll represents a […]

Lalina’s Smile

Lalina is twenty two years old, has an almost six year old son, is an Anansi graduate who has been working for Anansi for one and one half years, and is one of the most remarkable young women I know in Ghana.  Most girls in Ghana suffer from self esteem problems.  Lalina is different.  She […]