Report on the Anansi Vacation Classes


We had our third event hosting Anansi students for vacation classes from the 24th of May to 3rd of June, 2019. We had twelve students in attendance, with six male and six female students.

The aim of the vacation classes is to instill in our students some values and certain character traits that are hard to learn or adopt from their high schools. We focused on building students who can stand tall among their colleagues to speak and submit whatever they are thinking of without any intimidation or inferiority complex. Speaking up among mainstream Ghanaian students isn’t easy to find. We encouraged such development through teamwork, group and individual presentations, as well as letting the students have a daily reflection.

Regarding teamwork, we had the students put into groups of four to brainstorm on the causes, effect and remedies to three social problems. We then sat at a distant to allow the groups to function. The students wonderfully contributed to the discussions. After the group discussion and writeup, we then asked each group to present its findings. Each member of the group was given a minute or two to contribute to the presentation. The result was incredible.

Again, we allowed the students to take charge of some of the classes to teach their peers anything they can; one of the students taught the group how to prepare “gari”. Others explained some classroom topics or some challenges they have overcome.

In addition, scenarios were created for the individual students to take a stance to speak for or against motions. One of the cases went like this: A businessman bought a taxicab for GHC100,000 and decided to let it out on hire purchase to a taxi driver who makes an initial deposit of GHC50,000. One driver went for a loan of GHC50,000 in order to get the taxi to drive and pay the remaining amount over a two year period. Immediately the contract documents were signed, the driver took the car and that day the car caught fire. The driver is asking for his GHC50,000 back and the businessman too is asking for his remaining GHC50,000. We had the students argue from both standpoints brilliantly.

Furthermore, we couldn’t do less on the main academic subjects of these students. We revised topics the students have treated in school and as well covered some advance topics in each of their subject areas. From the students’ reflections, I got to know that the revision we did with the students on each on the topics studied in school helped them to better comprehend the topics.

In all, the class was successful and the students were grateful and thankful to Anansi for such opportunity.

-Daniel Osei, Anansi Managing Director

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