Daniel’s Reminder

It’s no surprise that keeping an organization like Anansi going takes a lot of work — there is a lot of day to day management that takes place, and the annual auction and fundraising is a huge undertaking. Contacting catering companies, organizing the space, photographing auction items and so many more steps can be overwhelming, and keeping track of those tasks can sometimes make you lose sight of the bigger picture. Which is why the following email from Anansi student Daniel struck a chord:

Hello Mama,

There was this place in the Volta Region called Adeklu Sofa where I went for my service learning week. I learned a lot from the villagers and I together with my team contributed some money even to get the pupils some exercise books, pens, erasers and reading books. Upon inquire, I heard that most of the brilliant students in the village are not able to continue their education because their parents can afford to pay the fees involve. For this reason most of the bright guys shine in their parents farms after the completion of JSS. I was enthused by the kind of students this small village has. The students are bright, but their parents lack means to push them further. The kind of questions they are able to answer, attitude and their sense of community even at that tender year baffled me till now. It’s the best school in the district of Adeklu. The school won their past inter-school quiz competition and also produced one of the best students in the district. A student who had aggregate 13 and topped the school stayed in the house for a year after which the headmaster with his teacher contributed 50 cedis each to support his education. I saw that people in the village are willing and hardworking, but they don’t get enough from their produce. Mama I would like to appeal to you on behave of this villagers if u could even pick their student and enroll him or her through high school.

Thank you.


Maxwell Daniel
Maxwell is on the left, and Daniel is on the right

Daniel is an Anansi graduate who is in his third year at Ashesi University, where he received a full scholarship. He wrote this email while on a university service learning week, and was inspired by his experience. Here’s a photo of Daniel with his friend Maxwell, our first Anansi graduate from Ashesi.

In the midst of planning the auction and doing a lot of the administrative work that’s needed to keep Anansi alive, Daniel’s note reminded me of our fundamental goal: to provide an education to deserving students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford one. Daniel’s email is a reminder that through our hard work, we really are making a huge difference in these students’ lives, and it was exactly the reminder I needed right now.

Our annual auction is coming up on May 9, 2015. We hope to see all of you there!