Report on the Anansi Vacation Classes

  We had our third event hosting Anansi students for vacation classes from the 24th of May to 3rd of June, 2019. We had twelve students in attendance, with six male and six female students. The aim of the vacation classes is to instill in our students some values and certain character traits that are […]

2019 Live Auction Items Preview!

Here is a preview of the live auction items for sale at this year’s Anansi Education annual auction.  Remember, many more special items will be priced for sale at the event. We look forward to seeing you there! LIVE AUCTION ITEMS: Contemporary Bee Mask 25 inches high This is a contemporary replication, by a Ghanaian […]

Daniel’s Report

Trust you are doing well. First of all, I would like to Thank You on behalf of TeamAnansi Ghana for giving out your residence to be used to host some of the Anansi students. The benefits and impacts we are making in the lives of these vulnerable and dire need students are awesome. We hosted […]

Yacouba Dancing Figures for Sale!

Kathryn has collected these charming Yacouba dancers, and they have been very popular at our annual auction and among Anansi supporters. They depict the dancing masks of the Yacouba people of Cote d’ Ivoire, and Kathryn, along with volunteers from the YES organization in Ghana, have given them all Ghanaian names. So each doll represents a […]

Lalina’s Smile

Lalina is twenty two years old, has an almost six year old son, is an Anansi graduate who has been working for Anansi for one and one half years, and is one of the most remarkable young women I know in Ghana.  Most girls in Ghana suffer from self esteem problems.  Lalina is different.  She […]

Anansi Inter-Satellite Quiz

We recently received the following letter from Daniel Osei, Anansi Managing Director, about the first annual Anansi Inter-Satellite Quiz.  This is a new event, organized by the satellite managers, to motivate students and provide an opportunity for social and academic engagement during the summer months. ————- Hello Mama, Trust you are doing great as well […]

Matthew’s Report

Matthew Wilkinson is an amazing seventeen year old American high school student who is spending this school year in Ghana via the YES international exchange student program. Just recently Matthew’s family moved to Bellingham. He and the other five YES students in Ghana helped the Anansi staff with their home visits for their next year student selection. […]