Year-End Giving

Friends and Supporters of Anansi,   You have believed in our mission. You have supported us in our efforts to make a lasting difference in this world through education. We are grateful for all that we have been able to accomplish with your help.   If you find that at the end of your fiscal […]

A Note about Aggregate Test Scores

Their aggregates are based on the exit examination all Junior High School students take as a method for determining qualification for High School Placement. It is mostly a measure of how well they can memorize the material they have studied in Junior High School. The lower the score, the better the score. They are tested […]

Anansi Abura House Volunteer Resident

Anansi Education is pleased to offer the Anansi Abura House Volunteer Resident Position. Anansi Education is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 to provide scholarships to underprivileged Ghanaian youth to attend high school. While most Anansi students live in school residence halls, we also operate one private apartment that houses eight girls attending University Practice […]

Poetry Reading Event in Portland

On April 5th an impressive community gathered in Portland, Oregon at the invitation of two long time supporters of Anansi, Pam Crow and Gaby Donnell. The friends came to learn about our organization, to hear poetry read and to raise funds for our cause. Ellen Goldberg, a published poet, also donated her time and one […]

African Art in Homes

Our annual auction features a wide collection of beautiful African art. Many auction attendees have bought great pieces at previous auctions that work wonderfully in their homes. We’ve collected some photos from different homes to highlight the many ways these artworks can be incorporated into your home. Here are two examples of African fabrics which […]

Anansi applicant and her grandmother in their home.

Student Selection

At last count we had eighty-four applications for the eighteen scholarships Anansi has to offer at the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. Our selection criteria is based on three things: 1) Academic Performance: Applicants must qualify for admittance to a government high school. In Ghana, this qualification is based on an exam taken during […]

Preview of Auction Items

This year’s auction features a variety of wonderful pieces, and we’re happy to share a preview of some of them here. This selection shows art that will be featured in the live and silent auctions. Check back in a few weeks for a full catalogue! Fanti Fertility Dolls, 9 ½” tall To ensure that any […]