A visit to Kruwa, in photos

This week Mohammed and Anansi volunteer Megan Galley traveled to the village of Kruwa to do home visits for a group of students who have requested scholarships. These photos of potential students’ homes give you a picture of life in a small village in Ghana and show living conditions similar to that of most of our students. A high school scholarship would be truly life-changing to these young men and women and their families.

For more information about how these students came to approach Anansi for scholarships, please see the previous post found here. And please consider sponsoring one of these students; more information can be found here.

Village House Village House2jpg Village Kitchen

Benjamin K. Buckman

Benjamin K. Buckman's Grandmother Benjamin K. Buckman's House Window Benjamin K. Buckman's Kitchen Window


Daniel Abaidoo


Daniel Abaidoo, Father, Mother

Desmond Dadzie

Desmond Dadzi, Brother, Sister,Brother Desmond Dadzi's House Desmond Dadzi's Stepfather


Elizabeth Tabo

Elizabeth Tabo's Grandfather, 002 Elizabeth Tabo's Grandfather, Sister and Brothers Elizabeth Tabo's House


Patrick Antwi

Patrick Antwi Family's Kitchen and Bathroom Patrick Antwi, his Brother, Sister and Mother


Perpetual Ankomah

Perpetual Ankomah with 3 Sisters, a Brother and Mother Perpetual Ankomah's Family Perpetual Ankomah's Mother, Sister and Brother


Sandra Eghan

Sandra Eghan with Mother, Stepfather and Brother Sandra Eghan's House


Theresa Mensah

Theresa Mensah and Mother In front of their Kitchen Theresa Mensah and Mother Theresa Mensah's Family