Anansi Inter-Satellite Quiz

We recently received the following letter from Daniel Osei, Anansi Managing Director, about the first annual Anansi Inter-Satellite Quiz.  This is a new event, organized by the satellite managers, to motivate students and provide an opportunity for social and academic engagement during the summer months.


Hello Mama,

Trust you are doing great as well as everyone we know of in the United States. Our regards to Larry, Alisa, David, Bob McDonnell, Mark and the other friends of Anansi.
On Wednesday, the 1st of August, 2018 we held the first ever Anansi Inter-Satellites Quiz Competition. We had thirty-five students present from all the four Anansi Satellites (The Susan Hirst, Jane Talbot, Bob McDonnell and the Home Base). Only Francis Kabir wasn’t present as at the time of the competition, because his school hadn’t vacated at the time. We had some of the second year students as well as the graduates come to grace the occasion.
Before the quiz started, we had the Moree -Susan Hirst students bragging to carry the day with many bluffs. The Shama -Jane Talbot students were the first to arrive and calm in spirit with greater confidence of winning the day. Mpeasem -Home Based satellite students were praying for home advantage while telling the others they can’t allow them win the day. It was a day of real fun and day of bluffs.
We gave the students the opportunity to settle and do a quick revision before the start of the competition. The Hirst students were at the Bella’s Porch, Talbot students were at the hall, McDonnell students were at the dinning area and the Home based students were in front of the Anansi office.
At the end of the first round of the competition, the Home based Satellite led with 2250 points against Hirst and McDonnell’s 1650 points and 1200 points for the Talbot. There was a tie between Hirst and the McDonnell in the first round of the competition. Jane Kabir and Wisdom Aseidu represented the Home Based in the first round.
We took a snack break after the first round to enjoy delicious meat pies prepared by Ama Christ, one of the Anansi graduates from St. Mary’s Vocational School. There was little time to prepare our usual Hibiscus drink (Sobolo), but we bought fan milk and yogurt to serve with the pies. We encouraged the students to socialize and know each other especially those of them pursuing same courses from different schools. The excitement was exceptional.
When the second round ended, McDonnell obtained 1860 points,  Home based had 1760 points, Hirst gathered 1750 points and Talbot managed 1250. McDonnell carried the second half of the competition. It was represented by Alhassan Waldud and Elizabeth Agbesi. The support from the audience was great.
After the summation of the results from both rounds, The Home Based won with 4110 points, McDonnell occupied the second position with 3510 points, Hirst was third with 3400 points and Talbot followed the sequence with 2450 points.
The four contestants from each of the satellites were applauded for their courage and commitment to help the satellite. The winners (contestants) received 1.5 (one and half) yards of an Anansi fabric. Second position (contestants) received 15 (fifteen) cedis each, Third position received 10 cedis and the fourth received 5 cedis (each contestant). In all a cash prize of 120 cedis was given out to motivate the contestants. We also gave out some Anansi T-Shirts to the students (All of them).
The competition ended around 3:00 pm. Daniel was the quiz master, Lalinatu was the scoring madam, Innocent was the time keeper, Ama Christ and Abraham Abaka monitored the students.
The day ended in success and the students energized to learn more as well as new friends networks built.
Best Regards,